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My boys Steel Panther were back in action in Vegas this past month and it is always a treat to see my old pals!  I called Ralph (Michael Starr) and he said to come down before the show to see him and take some backstage photos for the magazine ( and it was great to catch up. I reminded him about coming to my next awards show slated for early part of next y ear where I want to feature the guys and he said he is hoping they can do it. I am really proud of these guys and how far they have come over the years. I can remember only five years ago humiliating myself acting like a drunk groupie interviewing them for all the world to see, backstage at the Green Valley Ranch (  I can remember the first time I saw these guys in 2006 and I first interviewed the guys for VEGAS ROCKS! Magazine andMichael told me backstage how they should have the cover and I didn’t seem to realize that they were going to be huge. I didn’t really believe him but oh how they proved me wrong! Now they are opening for Judas Priest and Motley Crue. Very happy for them! Michael went and got the rest of the guys to pose for photos for me before they went onstage. I can’t believe how many women are anxious to strip naked onstage for these guys. I mean, it was an actual sex show going on there! I loved hearing their song “Glory Hole” ( I don’t wanna know – whose suckin’ my dick today… Gonna blow my load in the Glory hole!….”) I just LOVE their music and sense of humor! I ran into Chris Jericho (CJ link) and I had only corresponded with him by email so this was my first opportunity to meet him in person. He said: “Hey didn’t I see you in the Quite Riot Documentary for a second?” to which I responded; “Yes…. Well, maybe for about three seconds…” Chris was going to co-host the 2014 Vegas Rocks! Magazine Awards ( )  with me last year but I couldn’t raise enough cash to bring his whole band Fozzy out to play so I had to scratch it. I told him I would invite him to the next event coming  early 2016 and he said be sure to let him know…. We will Chris! Thanks for hitting Sin City Steel Panther – Love you guys – See you again soon!


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