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Count’s Vamp’d is the main place to be for rock in Vegas and the past few months have bought some amazing acts to town! My buddy Michael Schenker popped in to play an AMAZING show recently and I didn’t know if I was going to make it because this cool guy was in town I was trying to get some action out of  and I didn’t know what was going to pan out. As it turned out, I got to the show right before Michael went onstage and I told his tour manager “Tell Michael, Sally Steele is here – he will want to see me.” To which this new tour manager just shrugged me off and said: “I will keep that in mind” What a sh*thead! He made me feel like I was some groupie trying to talk my way backstage! I hadn’t seen Michael since his entire road crew deserted him before his show and I held on to his leather jacket  for dear life backstage and tried to help make sure all his guitars got packed up in all the chaos. Before that, I flew him from England to honor him at my VEGAS ROCKS! Magazine Awards show in 2012 . So I kept trying to watch behind the curtain backstage at Vamp’d because I knew Michael always makes a quick getaway right after the show. Some new guy was watching the dressing room door giving me grief but when I saw Michael take off, I pushed the dude aside and ran after Michael through the kitchen. I was seconds late so Michael had already jumped in the car. Danny Gentile was driving him and I told him to tell Michael I was there but with all the autograph hounds surrounding the car, it was already backing up for an escape. All of a sudden I heard the car honking and Michael stuck his head out the window and yelled “ Sally! Why don’t you put a sign on your head!?! – jump in the car!” I jumped into the backseat and we took off and laughed all the way to the hotel. Michael’s smile always lights up the room and I cherished the few minutes we had together and it was sooo worth it to see my dear friend while he was here in town. I headed back to Vamp’d to grab the guy I was with that night. Didn’t get laid since he fell asleep – TYPICAL!

My pal Robert Sarzo called me and said they needed to book a show on their tour for Hurricane at Vamp’d and he couldn’t reach anyone there. I called Korie Koker and she set the guys up for a night and It was a great night. I actually ended up staying until 3am that Wednesday night! I introduced the guys onstage and before they went on we had some interesting conversations about everyone’s pants. It was my first time meeting the adorable drummer Mike Hansen and he had on some really cool jeans with patches and studs. He told me those were the jeans his ex-wife threw over the fence before he went on tour last year. He had to decorate them since they were the only pair of pants he had and he did a really good job! Robert had on some REALLY killer velvet pattern leather black pants and he said he got them at the Goodwill! Oh my lord those were the coolest pants! He said they were made in Italy and they only cost him $6!!! They fit him perfectly like a glove and he said he never even had them altered!  And speaking of perfect fit, singer Jason Ames said he got his tight pants online for $80. What a cute butt he put in those! I even got to spank him twice before he went onstage! Ha ha! Tony said he got his pants at the mall. Great shoppers in that band – I will tell you! After the guys killed it onstage we had some of the guys from Raiding The Rockvault Andrew Freeman and Jay Schellen  join us backstage and we had a blast laughing from stories. Robert also confided to me about how he and his family escaped from Cuba when he was five years old. He said they left all the lights on in the house and left with just the clothes on their backs. It was terrifying he said. I was upset Michael was wasting time in the club after the show instead of sitting next to me talking LOL! Before the show Michael told me how he played with the Rat pack years ago when he lived here in Vegas. He said Sammy David Jr. gave him great advice on how to talk and promote his name and his band. It worked because I was hooked from the word go as soon as I met Michael! I stayed yakking away until the guys all got in the van to go to the hotel. I grabbed some last minute photos and told Michael I was coming to LA to the Rainbow and bribe him with a pizza and kidnap him! Thanks for coming to Vegas Robert – hope I see you again soon! And YOU TOO Michael!

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