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DREAM DATE WITH KEITH PARTRIDGE! When I was a kid, I was madly in love with David Cassidy from The Partridge Family. Some childhood crushes never die and in some cases they are referred to as obsession – or stalking as you get older. I was pretty busy pursuing stardom in Hollywood back in the eighties, but not so busy that I could not became diverted by a picture that I saw of David Cassidy in The “Star” magazine in 1987. I had not thought about David Cassidy in years but he looked incredible in his blue silk suit and I decided it was finally time to meet this man. I went down to The Screen Actors Guild and got his manager’s address and sent him my two best seductive head shots that would almost assure me a date with anyone. I made up some lame story about how I was looking for a producer for my band since he was producing now. I pretty much just mailed it and went on to something else not really expecting a response. About two months later, to my surprise, David Cassidy called me. One of his first questions was asking me how tall I […]
I went on vacation in Catalina Island for three days and as luck would have it, The Catalina Film Festival had just started the day I arrived. Being a new film maker myself, I was very intrigued to cover this event and perhaps learn some new rules to the game. So early in the morning of Thursday September 28th, I hiked up to City Hall to find out more information on the festival. Upon arriving, I met Eric sitting in a Golf cart. Eric was an actor and was a volunteer for the festival. Eric drove me to the office to find out about getting press credentials so I waited for JP Petrini to arrive from Modern PR. JP Petrini took care of granting me a one day pass to cover the festival so I was off and running! I went down to rent a bicycle as planned to get around the island that day and got started for the day’s excitement! The day before I signed up for the festival, I saw a man turning the corner of the street:  He looked like a rugged version of Brad Pitt with big blue eyes, carrying a well worn brown bag for […]
    The scene of the most horrific night in Las Vegas sits empty like a ghost town more than a month after the Las Vegas shootings.  But the memories of that night still haunt me every time I go to The Strip and where I was that night. I arrived at the Luxor which is right beside the Mandalay Bay at 10:20 pm the night of October 1st, 2017. I was right there when it all started and just didn’t understand what was going on at first. I was parked at a stop light across the street from the festival and the  Las Vegas Strip was deserted. There was a man and woman running really fast across the street and I thought they were just in a hurry to get out of the festival before the traffic jam. I assumed the concert had just finished since the Las Vegas Strip was empty and there was only my car, a bus and another car sitting beside me at the light. But I could hear sirens everywhere from every direction. I saw a lot of police lights over at the festival so when the light changed, I turned left on the […]
SALLY ROUND THE WORLD! “The Paris Heist, Rome Ruins and Cemetery Confrontation….” After the excitement, stress, exhaustion from my Hair Metal Awards, a rewarding trip awaited me. I had always wanted to go to Paris and Rome and I was finally going to make it a reality instead of watching videos of “Rick Steve’s Europe!” With the plane touching down in Paris, I could barely contain my excitement! I easily found my luggage, my shuttle and then it was on to my dream of seeing the Arc De Triumph! I booked a hotel right next to the Arc so I could look out the window and see it every day I was there. And off in the distance was the Eiffel Tower! I hopped on my sightseeing bus and saw the Louvre, and finally seeing the Eiffel Tower was dream come true. I rode the carousel, got on the boat tour, bought armloads of souvenirs, then got back on the bus to shop for clothes and jewelry. Later in the evening, my best friend on the trip with me, Stevee Ashlock and I went to the Metro station to head over to The Moulin Rouge. Down inside the Metro, a […]