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The Frog, My Mom and the Cadillac


After 20 years of begging my mother finally handed down her 1991 Cadillac to me! It was the only thing I really wanted in the event of her passing. She really loved this car and she kept it in pristine condition. Beautiful pale yellow with matching leather interior.  Every time the car had problems or she had an accident she said she was going to sell it. But I would cry and beg like the world was coming to an end and she would end up getting it fixed and then she would be in love with it again.

So a few months back my mother wanted me to come and visit her in Florida but I said the plane tickets were too expensive. So my mother suggested I buy a one-way plane ticket and I can drive the Cadillac back to Vegas. What?!? She’s finally giving it to me?!? I had to get down there before she changed her mind!


So I caught a flight to New Smyrna and visited my sister and mother for two days and it was time to hit the road. But before we could, the Caddy had a flat before we even pulled out of the drive way. The original plan was to get a U-Haul and pull the Caddy but I got intimidated with the truck and towing apparatus so I decided to drive the yellow bird with 122,000 all the way back to Vegas. What can I say? “Never tell me the odds” as Indiana Jones says.  I was wondering if the flat in the driveway was an omen to get the U-Haul but I pressed on with my decision. It had flooded very heavily the night before leaving, and many roads were closed down. As I started to load the car, some creatures had taken refuge inside the door frame which included a lizard and a yellow frog (he really matched the car!). I got the lizard out with a stick but when I tried to lure the frog out he jumped inside the car with me screaming. I ran in the house and my mother said just leave the doors open and he will jump out. I did and I just had no idea where that creature went. (What can I say? In biology class when we were supposed to dissect a frog I gave my lunch to my classmate to do the deed). I looked all through the car and finally gave up.


We headed out on our journey with arguments immediately with GPS versus 1988 Rand McNally map book. We made a stop at some small town at a gas station somewhere past Jacksonville. My mother’s Exxon Card wasn’t working so there were quite a few trips back in the store getting snacks where the cashier just left the pump open as we finally found a credit card that worked. Then I lost the keys to the car.  So we lost another 15 minutes of road time. I started to look for the keys in the back seat and there was the frog! Right on my mother’s white fur coat! I screamed and ran across the gas station parking lot with some paper towels in my hand like my pants were on fire. My mother was irritated since we had been there awhile and yelled: “Forget that damn thing and let’s get the hell out of here!” (What can I say? In biology class when we were supposed to dissect a frog I gave my lunch to my classmate to do the deed In sheer terror I ran up to a car pulling up to a pump and in a terrified voice asked “Are you afraid of frogs?!?” The driver started laughing with his wife and said: “No”. “Can you come over here and get this thing out of my car?!?” His wife was more than amused as he trotted over to look in my car. “It’s right there on my white coat!” I screeched. So with his bare hands he scooped up the hitchhiker. “Put him in the grass honey”, his wife said as I breathed a great sigh of relief. The couple walked away laughing with the wife saying: “That is the funniest question I have ever heard at a gas station.” Well, like I always hear when people refer to me and many of my friends can attest to: “I’ve never heard of anything like this”  I’ve never seen anything like this”  “This has never happened before” on and on….

But the peak of terror was really about to take place. My 86-year old mother said she was going to drive. I knew she couldn’t drive at night but it was daylight so much to my future regrets I handed over the keys. When we hit the I-10, it was clear I made a massive error. She veered from side to side from the dirt to constantly weaving into the left lane with oncoming cars. I was screaming constantly whipping my head around  like Linda Blair in the Exorcist to see cars coming up behind us that she was missing by inches. “Here comes a car!” “Stay on the road!” “Move over!” “Pull over!” I screamed watching my life flash before my eyes. “I’ve been driving this road for years!” as she defended her driving. She said she was not going to pull over on the freeway so it was Mr.Toads Wild Ride (Pardon the frog pun) in full force. In the movie “Dumb and Dumber” there is a scene where Jim Carey reaches a fork in the road and one way points to Colorado where they are headed and the other way is going to Nebraska. So this was played out in reality where the freeway was split and one way was heading to Gainesville and the other said Tampa. My mother just casually followed the cars in front of us to the right going back to Tampa! I was screaming my head off “Go left!” “Veer left! “Nooooo!” We almost hit the giant cement block in the middle of the road by a centimeter as we landed into the middle of cars heading to Gainesville. I continued to panic and scream until she finally made a path towards an exit. “Pull in here! Pull into this truck stop!” I screamed. So with cars and trucks lined up in back of us she pulls in and just stops the car. “Go straight! Go Straight!” I gestured and pleaded. But she just goes left and slows down more cars and trucks trying to get out. I was having a heart attack and finally just took the wheel and said: “STOP! GET OUT!” I got out like a traffic cop and directed the pile-up to go around us and I felt tightness in my chest and I swear I felt a heart attack coming on as I envisioned me dropping on the pavement right there to meet my maker. But I somehow composed myself and got in the car with my mother completely obvious that there was ever even a problem. I was all amped up with post heart failure and powdered donuts and ready to drive into the night but much to my disappointment my mother insisted on settling in for the night at 7pm at the Quality Inn. I think the town was Chipley but I am not sure.


When we got to Mobile Alabama the next day, there was serious interaction between me and my mother on which way to go. In the past I always stayed on the I-10 but the GPS was directing us elsewhere to the I-40. I did what my mother asked but swore I was not going to stay the southern route to El Paso with the Cartel putting my head in a cooler and turning my Caddy into a low rider spectacle. The problem with my mother is unfortunately she cannot hear anything.  And I mean nothing! So communication was difficult about routes and anything at all. I remember one time I was on the phone asking where she wanted me to park to pick her up and she asked: “What about Roy Rogers?” The list is endless of what she makes of anything I say but let’s just say it was an interesting conversation with me repeating myself three times each sentence in a loud voice across the country.

We settled down in Lafayette Louisiana and argued the rest of the night about getting away from the southern border and heading towards the I-40 the next day. After grabbing our breakfast from the lobby I was driving so I headed towards the I-40. The night before in Chipley I switched my Walmart pillow with the one at the hotel. I was ecstatic I had found a pillow that worked for me after a lifetime. But forty minutes after leaving the hotel in Lafayette, I discovered I left my sacred pillow at the hotel. I turned back around and alerted the hotel I was on my way back. The maid had already cleaned the room and pillow cases were gone and for the life of me, I could not tell which one was my pillow after many tests. But the car was running and we needed to make time so I threw a pillow in the car and we hit the road. This was not a good start to a bad day. My sleep schedule with jet-lag and time change had been switched from going to bed at 6am to getting up at 6pm with no sleep. I was wore out and the maze of highways in Dallas and Fort Worth stressed me out so bad I was ready for a breakdown. The GPS was not cooperating and the map book was too old to help. Cars whizzed by me at top speed with me trying to navigate as panic set in trying to find the I-40 to Oklahoma. We drove a long way not finding a suitable hotel where I could watch the car. We pulled into one place my mother wanted to stay and I hit a cement block and we got out of the car in the parking lot and had an argument and I said I would never stay in a fleabag hotel like that if my life depended on it. We soldiered on into the night and finally found a Quality Inn where I tried out all the pillows.

For some reason before the trip I looked at the map and worried about car trouble around New Mexico. Somewhere in Oklahoma, the car started sputtering and losing power so we pulled into some small town for gas and to let the car rest. On my way to the restroom, I noticed some old men sitting there playing checkers and shooting the breeze. I felt like I was in an episode of Mayberry R.F.D. and Don Knotts and Andy Griffith were going to be driving up in the Sheriffs car any minute. When I came out of the rest room I said to the men: “Do any of you guys know anything about cars?” They all laughed and one man spoke up: “They all have four wheels on them” They all laughed and I asked them what it means when the car starts jerking and losing power. One man said it sounded like the fuel filter. And they told me to go down the road and talk to Justin just over the hill. I stopped at “Justin’s”  house but there was no one there. But the car was back to full power so I continued the trip. Well, just AS we crossed the border of New Mexico and it was just getting dark the car was losing power and then completely shut down as we sat on the side of the road. My mom was in a panic saying we needed to call a tow truck. I waited a few minutes and turned the ignition on and the car started back up and in full power. We stopped at a truck stop to check the oil and see if we could see anything wrong. We couldn’t get the hood open but a man and a woman were so kind and helped us. I went in to get oil and the woman asked if I needed any money. That couple were so sweet and they helped me put oil in the car. I wish I would have asked them their names but I was really stressed out and we grabbed a pizza and headed out into the night. Not sleeping for 5 days and my schedule being turned around and sitting in a car for so long I really needed to lay down. I was exhausted. But I drove more than 14 hours that day. I wanted to stay at the Motel 6 in Albuquerque but my mother wouldn’t stay there so we drove further looking for hotels. I pulled off an exit where there were lights, but when I got to the frontage road, the road was shut down with police cars everywhere. I turned around but the road wouldn’t go to the freeway so we ended up all the way back to Albuquerque!  There was at least 60 police cars and roads blocked in every direction. On the other side of the freeway, trucks were lined up and stopped for 10 miles. In my delirious exhausted state when we finally got to a truck stop my friend Valeri called me. Bad timing and I started screaming at her and had a nervous breakdown.  We headed out into the freezing night and my mother said we could just sleep in the car. I really needed a bed so with the car sputtering in the dark inclines with it hard to see and me falling asleep at the wheel we found a town with several hotels but they were all full. We found an expensive place but I was ecstatic to have a bed.


The next day I was determined to make it to Vegas by night fall. The car was losing power again near Flagstaff Arizona so we pulled off to wait and I went for a short hike through some tall pine trees.

When we took the Kingman exit to Las Vegas I was deliriously happy. We pulled into a Chevron station and I went inside and I saw a really cute pink stuffed poodle. I went to the cashier and my mother told me I didn’t need it. “I’ve got stuffed animals up my ass – you don’t need another one!”, said my mom. “But this is pink. And I haven’t brought one souvenir this entire trip!” The man at the register told me: “Yeah, I saw you guys pull up in that Cadillac and see you have a Florida license plate. What a fun trip you must have had with that Cadillac and your mother across the country.” I just looked at him and replied: “Let’s just say it was an adventure.” And indeed it was!

Happy to be back in Vegas where I belong with my new Caddy!

Thanks Mom – I love you!

Sally Steele

Photos: Jonathan Gilcrest



The frontman legend of Motley Crue rocked the The Cannery this past July 4th weekend with another spectacular show! The venue was packed as Vince, Dana, Blando and Zoltan gave the crowd what they came to see! My favorite in the set as always was “Wildside”  and I always start jumping and singing. When Vince sang “Don’t Go Away Mad” , I commented to my pal Michelle Griffith on how I loved that video and how hot  Vince looked in it as well as Tommy and Nikki with their heads shaved on the sides. Motley Crue was always the main trendsetter back in those days and the coolest guys on the planet. I also remember that song playing on the radio and cruising around spying on my drummer who was cheating on me with another band. Remember Kyle? LOL.

It was also great to catch up that night and see Vince’s gorgeous gal Rain Hannah backstage as well as all the other beautiful band members wives and say hello.

It really bothers me how haters and jealous idiots criticize Vince for how he looks, or his voice and this and that.  Since Nikki Sixx is married and just doing conferences on opiods and Tommy Lee is married and having sex on airplanes and fighting with his son and Mick Mars is nowhere to be found, Vince is keeping the songs of Motley Crue alive! So THANK YOU VINCE! Some of us really appreciate you!  And with Vince doing these shows it is also about the priceless experiences of the event and bringing friends and new people together for great memories… and that’s where my OWN personal experience also comes in…

The evening started off with me being stressed out and really late picking up gal pal Val on the way to the show  driving 100 MPH. I had no time to do my make-up or nails so I handed Val my nail polish on the hand I couldn’t do while holding the steering wheel and the entire bottle spilled all over my seat and her jeans!

I  arrived at the venue and met up with Cannery’s Sean Ryan who came out to greet me and told me the meet and greet with Vince was starting soon and to just go in and wait and get my seat. As I was walking in, I noticed a cute young guy with a cool Motley Crue shirt on and nice boots. I went in and found my seat which I sat in for three seconds and then left because I didn’t like it. Those who know me, know I never sit in the seat I am assigned to on my ticket. So there were all these empty seats closer to the stage so I went up  close to the stage and sat in one.  Then the cute guy I saw walking into the venue came up to me and said: “I’m sorry but you are sitting in my seat.” And that is where I met “Mike”.  Mike had flown in

070619_S75_0043_Cannery_VinceNeil copy from Colorado just to see Vince Neil. He seemed like such a nice guy I asked him if he wanted to go back with me to meet Vince Neil.  His eyes lit up and he said that would be the greatest thing to ever happen to him. So with that I took him and Val and went in to the meet and greet to say hi to Vince. Mike was blown away and couldn’t believe he just met his idol and favorite Motley Crue band member.  Sometime during the show Mike put his arm around me and said: “Do you want to meet my mom?” So I said “Sure.” But what he really said was “Do you want to BE my mom?”  How is that for an ego deflate?!? LOL.  At the end of the show I offered to drop Mike off at the Luxor Hotel before taking  Val home. Before long it was like I had TWO kids in the backseat with Val and Mike yelling at the top of their lungs at each other before I told everyone we were going to eat at Denny’s as the premiere late night stop. So Mike said “I Love you!” as that also turned out to be one of his fav eateries.  Without going into details as more beers were consumed by Mike, the show at the booth at Denny’s started while Val caught some of it on her cell which I might have to drop in the pool the next time she isn’t looking. Then I dropped Mike and Val off.  The next night Mike and I headed down to Fremont to see the live bands. We had such a great time. Mike starts dancing this original dance with steps that looks like a mix between Axl Rose and Jed Clampett from the Beverly Hillbilly’s. I was laughing my head off as he twirled me around like we were in a hoedown in the middle of Fremont Street as Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” blasted from the stage. Then we had to retrace our steps to find his cell phone as five security guys


surrounded him. Mike is without a doubt the most entertaining guy to hang out with I have ever known. It turns out we had EVERYTHING in common. His favorite band is Motley Crue, McDonalds is his favorite restaurant and he’s a republican. So what is the problem you ask? I seem to have everything in common with someone half my age! No wonder I am single! LOL.

So thank you to Vince Neil for the spectacular weekend and special thanks to Marty Giovi, Sean Ryan, Peter Smith, Alexander Perico and all the amazing Cannery staff! And thank you Steve Spatafore for the amazing photos!    See you at the next great event at The Club at The Cannery!


Sally Steele

Photos: Steve Spatafore






When I was a kid, I was madly in love with David Cassidy from The Partridge Family. Some childhood crushes never die and in some cases they are referred to as obsession – or stalking as you get older. I was pretty busy pursuing stardom in Hollywood back in the eighties, but not so busy that I could not became diverted by a picture that I saw of David Cassidy in The “Star” magazine in 1987. I had not thought about David Cassidy in years but he looked incredible in his blue silk suit and I decided it was finally time to meet this man. I went down to The Screen Actors Guild and got his manager’s address and sent him my two best seductive head shots that would almost assure me a date with anyone. I made up some lame story about how I was looking for a producer for my band since he was producing now. I pretty much just mailed it and went on to something else not really expecting a response. About two months later, to my surprise, David Cassidy called me. One of his first questions was asking me how tall I was. I told him 5’5” and he was very pleased as I later found out so I would not be taller than him. We made small talk and he said that he wanted to meet me. One slight problem was that between the time I mailed my letter to him and the present time, I had become engaged. I really went back and forth about it whether I should go out with him but I finally decided I would and told my fiancé that he might help produce our band. I just had to do it. I felt like I would always regret it and would have always wondered what would have happened if I didn’t go. I knew I would not sleep with him and I never kiss on the first date so I felt good knowing nothing would happen and I could still be faithful to my boyfriend.

As I prepared for my date with destiny, to this day, I can still see my fiancé fuming as he sat in my ‘Lazyboy’ chair as I was getting dressed to meet David, snarling: “You just watch, he’s going to try to make a move on you! He’s probably going to make you try on some skimpy costume!”  I just laughed and said he was being ridiculous and that it wasall just business… even though deep down inside I could barely contain my excitement to meet my teen idol.


David picked me up next door at The Copper Penny Restaurant since I did not feel it was appropriate that my fiancé answer the door. David pulled up in his silver Porsche and we drove to a Mexican restaurant there in Toluca Lake. He immediately became disappointed when he tried to order some wine and found out I did not drink. He went on to tell me how amazing it was that he received my letter since he gets thousands of letters through his fan club all over the world. (I guess the pictures with my measurements helped!) After he had some wine, he showed me the movie lot where ‘The Partridge Family’ house was located and then we went to another bar in Encino near his house. It seemed like he wanted people to recognize him. Whenever we entered a room, he would start jerking his head swiftly around to cause attention until people would notice his erratic movements and then recognize him. After kicking back a few more drinks and  trying again in vain to get me to indulge in alcohol, we finally left the bar and drove up a long, winding road through some gates to a driveway where his big white house sat on top of the hill. We went in and then sat in the kitchen and he played some of his new music and he told me he had lost almost everything he owned to drug use some years back. He told me that guys play guitar because it is like having a big “Dick” they can play with. He talked about his love for his family and that is when I asked him if it was true about him being engaged to someone named Susan (it was). “No, she’s just a pal I write music with,” he replied. We then proceeded up the staircase to an all-white room, complete with white fur on the walls and white shag carpeting. That’s where he then whipped out the skimpy costume complete with 6” red stiletto heels. He asked me to try it on to get some ideas for my career. I politely declined and said I could never part with my cowboy boots when I perform onstage. (What can I say; it was the 80’s Bon Jovi era!) Things were just not progressing with his plans of seduction for the night so we went back downstairs. I went and sat on his couch in the living room. He sat on the floor facing me and started talking to me. All of a sudden, he started getting closer… then a little closer, then he took my hand in his… closer he came with my heart beating erratically inside my throat with every movement of his in my direction… “I’m very attracted to you, Sally,” he said as he moved in, even closer. I was really starting to panic; I was confused, nervous, my mind raced wildly. Here was David Cassidy, the fantasy of my childhood dreams, on his knees, holding my hand, telling me he was attracted to me. His lips were now within inches of mine right in front of me so at the last second, I did the only logical thing any insane person would do before our lips met: I quickly reached into my purse and whipped out my pack of Dentyne gum. “Do you want a piece of gum?” I asked. “No thanks,” David replied as he backed down. He was clearly irritated now. It was obvious he was never going to get anywhere with me so he finally gave up and took me home. It was a quiet ride home. I must admit that my image of him was a little shattered. He drank a little too much and seemed a little bit too conceited. But that did not stop me from having the nerve to ask him if we were going to go out again as I was getting out of the car. I think he said “sure” but it was obvious he just wanted me to hurry up and get out of the car. I can’t really blame him. I wasted the guy’s whole night just to satisfy my curiosity with a date with my former teen idol.


When I got back to my apartment, it was really late but my fiancé was waiting at the door. The conversation went something like this: “So, did you play dress up with David Cassidy?” he smirked. “Yes – I mean no, I mean I could have, but I didn’t,” I replied. “What?!? You mean he actually asked you?!?” “Well, sort of, but we just talked.” I replied. “Yeah, sure you did!” he went on. “Well, you told me to go!” I defended. “Well, I didn’t think you would!” he shot back. I was interrogated the rest of the night until things finally cooled down but never really did reveal the truth that David actually did pull out the skimpy lingerie.


I heard some time after that David had married his ‘pal’ Susan. I often wonder if my frustrating date was what finally helped him make up his mind to get married. I probably pushed him to it!

As time passed, my fiancé left me for some girl at his office anyway so I was glad I went out with David Cassidy.

I was always one to follow my dreams. And in this case, my dream date with my childhood heart throb, teen idol of millions… Keith Partridge.  R.I.P David Cassidy – I will miss you!

-Sally Steele


DSC00228I went on vacation in Catalina Island for three days and as luck would have it, The Catalina Film Festival had just started the day I arrived. Being a new film maker myself, I was very intrigued to cover this event and perhaps learn some new rules to the game. So early in the morning of Thursday September 28th, I hiked up to City Hall to find out more information on the festival. Upon arriving, I met Eric sitting in a Golf cart. Eric was an actor and was a volunteer for the festival. Eric drove me to the office to find out about getting press credentials so I waited for JP Petrini to arrive from Modern PR. JP Petrini took care of granting me a one day pass to cover the festival so I was off and running!

I went down to rent a bicycle as planned to get around the island that day and got started for the day’s excitement!

The day before I signed up for the festival, I saw a man turning the corner of the street:  He looked like a rugged version of Brad Pitt with big blue eyes, carrying a well worn brown bag for a suit case. He came around the corner like a suave debonair Steve McQueen straight out of a western. I thought this guy was uncommonly good looking and thought he must either be an actor or a gigolo!

Adding to the interest of the festival, there was a media summit the day I was covering the event called; “Getting Scene: The Art of Promoting and Selling Your Film/ TV Pilot.” – Now here was something I was anxious to attend! So upon arriving to City Hall for the summit, I was met with my rugged Brad Pitt/ Steve McQueen figure from the day before. His name was Geoff Boucher and he was the moderator for the panel. Geoff was a journalist/ author and entertainment reporter. He had a great sense of humor and I could not believe for the life of me, why this guy was not a movie star! On the media summit panel joining him was Stuart Alson from ITN Distribution, Roland Rojas from BidSlate and Hand in Hand Entertainment, Alan Brewer a Film Producer and Kathryn, a photographer and media journalist. Stuart Alson was definitely a man who had all the answers!  A great looking panel if I would say so and very informative!

The film screenings took place later that night and I started off with films at the ACC Theatre. I just wasn’t getting these films. They were slow and depressing and kind of dark. So I made my way up to the Lancer Theatre and found myself thoroughly entertained by all the films up on the big screen. I was disappointed I had not made my way up there earlier for the start of what seemed to be epic short films. Many of the directors and cast were there in attendance and I was able to grab some photos of them on the Red Carpet when they exited the theatre just before the Wes Craven Horror-Thriller Block of films took place.DSC00231

And did I mention I was riding a bicycle for the first time in 20 years?!? What fun it was with the wind in my hair and exploring the island on two wheels!

The Catalina Film Festival was in its 7th year this year and  the festival in such a beautiful place made this one of the most memorable experiences of my life! I hope to see both Catalina and The Catalina Film Festival again next year! Thank you for making the trip with me Rocky Burnette!

– Sally Steele






The scene of the most horrific night in Las Vegas sits empty like a ghost town more than a month after the Las Vegas shootings.  But the memories of that night still haunt me every time I go to The Strip and where I was that night. I arrived at the Luxor which is right beside the Mandalay Bay at 10:20 pm the night of October 1st, 2017. I was right there when it all started and just didn’t understand what was going on at first. I was parked at a stop light across the street from the festival and the  Las Vegas Strip was deserted. There was a man and woman running really fast across the street and I thought they were just in a hurry to get out of the festival before the traffic jam. I assumed the concert had just finished since the Las Vegas Strip was empty and there was only my car, a bus and another car sitting beside me at the light. But I could hear sirens everywhere from every direction. I saw a lot of police lights over at the festival so when the light changed, I turned left on the Strip thinking I didn’t want to go and get in a traffic jam from the festival. It was at that moment I stopped in the street deciding which way to go because it looked like the intersection up ahead was completely blocked with ambulances and police cars. I was getting ready to turn right towards the festival but then I saw a cab squeeze through the corner of the intersection. I proceeded to where hundreds of ambulance and police were in the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana. I thought:” This must be some hell of an accident” but when I passed the intersection there were no wrecked cars and just hundreds of more sirens surrounding me. I then pulled into the Tropicana parking lot where complete chaos was taking place. A woman asked me if I could put someone in my car who had just been shot and take them to the hospital. I just looked at her like she was crazy and said; “What?” Then she started yelling at me saying “Some people are just so unhelpful!” I thought it was just a civil matter between a husband and wife or something so I didn’t want to get involved and could not understand why people were in such a hurry and running from the festival. But just then, a fire /paramedic truck pulled up in front of me and told me to park it and loaded the injured person who I was asked to take into the back of the truck and assisted her. There were guys with cowboy hats waving groups of people to hurry and cross the street yelling: “GO! GO!” but they weren’t stopping the cars coming from the other direction and they were directing them right into on-coming cars and everyone almost got mowed down. One of the men started yelling at me to move but I just listened to the paramedic and did what he told me to do and directed me around the other way around the fire truck after a few minutes. I called Rocky Burnette and said: “Rocky, turn on the TV – there’s something going on here”. Rocky turned on the television and said there was nothing on there but then he said “….Wait – it just came on – shooting in Las Vegas, one person dead.” Cars were driving crazy and people were leaping into pick-up trucks and trying to get away as fast as they could. A car darted out of the MGM like it was on fire right into on coming cars. I let some girls who were hysterical jump in my car and I asked them what was going on. “Lock the car doors! Drive!” they said.They were terrified and told me that they thought there were fireworks going off at the show at first before they started running and lost their friends. We found their friends running on the street with the crowd and they got in my car and they all hugged and cried and I drove them to Planet Hollywood. They told me to go home and lock the door. I said “No way” and said people needed rides.  I was very afraid. I took some scared kid home but I made him put his backpack in the front seat because early reports said there were terrorists on the loose. We were both on the phone to our mothers during the drive. My daughter kept texting and calling me that there was a bomb and they were shooting up Circus Circus and that I needed to come home. But I had people in the car so I just kept driving. I picked up a man and a woman at the I Hop and I told them to get in but I might have to pick other people up along the way. They were watching television at the restaurant and were really scared and begged me not to pick up anyone else. The man said if I drove them straight to their hotel he would give me all the money in his wallet which he said was about $45. I spent the rest of the night until 5am driving displaced people from the Thomas and Mack. The Thomas and Mack acted as a temporary triage center for the injured and all the hotels on the Strip were on lock down and no one had anywhere to go. Shuttle buses were bringing hundreds of people there and every time I pulled into the parking lot I would be surrounded by people and the police would ask: “Are you open?” and I would load up. There were hardly any cars to help anyone there. I drove one guy to his friend’s house and he said that he got on the elevator at the Mandalay Bay to come down and see what was going on. When the elevator doors opened, he had rifles in his face from the SWAT team who ordered him: “Get down on the ground!” as they padded him down for weapons before sending him out of the hotel on to a shuttle bus. So many stories, so upsetting.

I woke up the next day and I turned on the television to see the horror and number of deaths and injured in full scale – then it hit me all at once. I started crying and feeling so helpless and upset. I felt the immense grief from the victims of families.I felt such guilt I didn’t do more. A week after the massacre, I drove around to the back street where the concert had taken place. Fences were torn up and bent down that desperate people tried to get over to get out of the festival. There was a parking  lot that had a sign that read “Festival Check In”. In that lot there were about 15 cars: A few pickup trucks, one with a horse trailer and some other cars. It occurred to me that these were the cars of victims who would never be returning to them. People who had parked their cars in excitement of a night of music and fun instead of being murdered and wounded. I became guilt ridden for weeks that I didn’t go right towards the festival and put every bloody injured person in the car and rush them to the hospital. I felt such hopelessness and emptiness that I didn’t do more. The car radio just kept saying stay out of the area but I wish I would not have listened to them….I  wish I could have done more…so much more… – Sally Steele #vegasstrong #lasvegasshooting



“The Paris Heist, Rome Ruins and Cemetery Confrontation….”

After the excitement, stress, exhaustion from my Hair Metal Awards, a rewarding trip awaited me. I had always wanted to go to Paris and Rome and I was finally going to make it a reality instead of watching videos of “Rick Steve’s Europe!”

With the pDSC00952lane touching down in Paris, I could barely contain my excitement! I easily found my luggage, my shuttle and then it was on to my dream of seeing the Arc De Triumph! I booked a hotel right next to the Arc so I could look out the window and see it every day I was there. And off in the distance was the Eiffel Tower! I hopped on my sightseeing bus and saw the Louvre, and finally seeing the Eiffel Tower was dream come true. I rode the carousel, got on the boat tour, bought armloads of souvenirs, then got back on the bus to shop for clothes and jewelry. Later in the evening, my best friend on the trip with me, Stevee Ashlock and I went to the Metro station to head over to The Moulin Rouge. Down inside the Metro, a poster of the band EUROPE, caught my eye. I was completely captivated with this cool rock poster written in French. I didn’t want to go to jail for stealing it, so we continued on to the Moulin Rouge area to look at sex stores where I saw a fight in the street. Upon returning to the Metro, I was so sad to leave my poster behind and I continued into the street with a heavy heart. But just as we approached the exit, two Frenchmen asked me and asked me if I had a piece of gum.  I said that I did and handed it to the one whose throat was obviously dry from the unlit joint he was holding. After presented him with my orange flavored Trident treat, I asked him if they put people in jail for stealing posters in the subway.  The gentleman, just looked at me and said in his thick French accent: “Where is it?” So me and the two Frenchmen took off down the tunnel and I pointed out my intended target. They started talking among themselves trying to analyze  the situation for “The Heist”. Although, being very nervous and scared of getting caught, At some point, I turned on my video camera. The criminal act was caught on my camera with the one Frenchmen presenting me with the torn poster: “Here, you have a piece of Paris!” “Merci Beau coupé!” I yelled as I took off running with my precious possession. This was a perfect end to absolutely one of the best days of my life!

The next day, it was back on the train to the Palace of Versailles. I was transfixed by the Marie Antoinette stories. I greatly identified with a woman of power being a target for public disdain. The inside of the palace was amazing and I was so happy to view the famous Hall of Mirror’s room. A train ride through the gardens until sunset, then it was back to the heart of Paris.

The next day was a real treat to see Mont St. Michel. We got on a shuttle to Normandie with our handsome tour guide Jean Phillipe. On the way there, we stopped at gas station where I bought a stuffed animal I named after Jean Phillipe. Little did I know that this stuffed rabbit would soon become my travel  video co-star! It was a long way up the stairs to the 800 year-old Abbey in the middle of the English Channel, but it was an unforgettable day! Later that night, I stepped into the night streets of Paris which came alive on Champ Delysse Blvd. The lights of the street, the energy of the people seemed to sizzle like the Eiffell Tower which was glittering in the night sky.

Then it was on a plane to Rome! The coliseum awaited as I walked the ruins of the Romans from hundreds of years ago. My second day in Rome was one of my happiest. I rode the tour bus, shopped and visited the Vatican. As I was posing in front of the Vatican, I grabbed two young boys who were dressed up as schooling priests to pose for a perfect picture. Then it was on to my favorite site of the day: The Trevi Fountain! Just beautiful! I found some really cool jeans and jewelry and then the next day I was on a high speed train with Jean Phillipe to Venice! The water Taxi was not there to meet us but Jean Phillipe took on his own personality and started talking and the fun was back on! The Gondola ride, more shopping and lunch under the Rialto Bridge was a historic treat! Then it was back on the train to Rome! I really enjoyed The only television channel I could understand which ran music videos from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s in our hotel room. That was a plus but I gotta say, the food sucks in Rome! I got drastically sick on their lousy spaghetti and found a Big Mac at Mcdonald’s a welcome life saver!

After four days in Rome, we headed back to Paris. But after warm weather in Rome, Paris met us with freezing weather and torrential downpours. The day was the last day I had to visit Jim Morrison’s grave so I took a taxi to make sure we got there. But upon arriving, I was told it was closed because of the flooding! I tried to bribe the people to let me in and they just laughed at the crazy American. Then the military cars arrived and I pleaded my case with them to let me sneak in with them. I was so upset, I couldn’t sing to Jim Morrison at his grave but the video I filmed is pretty funny as I watch it now! Through the rain, the city was in chaos, with sirens blaring, and me pressing on through cold wind and rain trying to find a jewelry store that had a necklace I wanted to buy. On the tour bus we stopped at a stop light and the driver got off to look over the river bank. I asked him what he was looking at and he said the water was flooding over the banks of the river. They had stopped all boat service because the boats could not fit under the bridges with the water level so high. Over at the Louve, someone told me they had started evacuating paintings out of the basement to escape the flood. It was the worst flood they have had there in a century.  But as much as I loved Paris, with the cold wind and rain, I was looking forward to heading back the next day to Sin City. This was definitely a trip of a lifetime and I look forward to heading back to Europe. Me and Jean Phillipe want to visit Switzerland, Germany, Spain and oh, yeah…. I still need to get back to Paris to see Jim Morrison’s grave!

Watch all my great travel action and excitement of this trip at VEGASROCKSTV.COM!


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