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Latest Rock Gossip


ROSEY FUTURE… Is it bad for me to be glad of the recent departure of Dj Ashba and Richard Fortus from GUNS N’ ROSES? What great timing for Axl Rose and Slash to be on friendly terms again – that is all I can say! It appears that just after Dj and Richard announced their departure from the group, Slash and Axl say they are speaking again after so many years… has Axl finally smartened up to see the light that people really just want to see GNR with the original line-up? DJ Ashba quit GUNS N’ ROSES after six years in the band, revealing he wants to spend more time working on his side project Sixx:A.M. with Nikki Sixx… maybe he saw the writing on the wall?….Go GNR reunion! Get Steven Adler in there while you’re at it Axl!


DEEN’S DENIAL…. JOURNEY Drummer Deen Castronovo was denied bail on a rape charge after prosecutors told the court he poses a threat to the alleged v ictim  and should remain behind bars. The musician was initially booked for assault, coercion and menacing in June after being arrested by police officers at his home in Salem, Oregon. He was later released on bail. The District Attorney added charges of rape, sexual abuse and unlawful use of a weapon, and made him remain in an Oregon jail. Castronovo’s attorney asked the judge to give the rocker minimum bail but the judge denied the request after prosecutors detailed how the drummer got in contact with the alleged victim after his arrest. The court heard that Deen violated a court order by texting the woman 122 times and calling her 35 times, allegedly acknowledging the abuse and prosecutors believe he poses a threat to her if released. Deen has not entered any plea to the charges…Texting 122 times?…that beats any of my records! LOL….


Chris Squire famously known as the original bassist and co-founder of YES lost his battle with cancer on Jun 27th and sadly passed away. Chris also revealed a month prior to his death he was suffering from a rare form of leukemia. Chris was 67. Chris formed YES with Jon Anderson and became a part of one of the most successful progressive rock groups of all time. Chris was also a co-writer on some of YES’ biggest hits as well as being the bass player for YES for almost 50 years. Fly to the angels Chris – we will miss you.


LEMME STOP… Just few days after my hero Lemmy Kilmister brought MOTORHEAD to Sin City, Lemmy had to cancel his Salt Lake City show after three songs. The 69-year-old singer told fans he couldn’t breathe and was experiencing severe back pain prior to stopping the show and leaving the stage…Lemmy felt he was not up to it and also cancelled his show in Denver, Colorado for the next night…Oh, no, hang in there my hero – I LUV you!….


NO DEATH PUNCH… FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH frontman Ivan Moody says he is surprised by divorce papers filed by his former partner Holly Smith. Mainly because Ivan says he and Holly were never married.  However, Moody’s representative tells TMZ that Smith, is seeking financial support, just trying to get attention, and he is adamant no marriage certificate exists. The manager goes on to accuse Smith of falsely claiming Ivan is the father of her child and making up allegations of domestic violence against the singer, who had the charges from a recent arrest dropped. Smith has requested financial support in her “divorce” filing, saying that Ivan earns around $66,000 a month with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. Ivan himself had not issued any comment on the matter… Oh, well good to see our friend Ivan is at least making some decent money with the band LOL….


ROCKETT RELEASE… In more turmoil for rock n’ roll,  POISON’s Rikki Rockett has filed for divorce from his wife of almost seven years. YEAH!… I mean that is too bad! Rikki recently filed paperwork to end his marriage to Melanie, and has requested they stick to the spousal support payments outlined in their prenuptial agreement. Rikki is seeking joint custody of their six-year-old son Jude and two-year-old daughter Lucy, The estranged couple wed in 2008.  RIKKI  and his estranged wife have placed their marital home on the market for $1.3 million as they head for divorce…I hate to admit I am surprised the union lasted as long as it did. I saw firsthand that Melanie didn’t like anyone  around Rikki especially of the the female gender.. and most weren’t thrilled with her either!….


SIMMON’S SEARCH…How strange is it that Gene Simmons home was raided and searched by Police as part of an ongoing child porn investigation but they say Gene and his family were not the subjects of the search?  Children Task Force officials arrived at Simmons’ Benedict Canyon home with a warrant August 20th while Gene was on tour with KISS. Police officers reportedly left the home with computers and other equipment. I don’t know, maybe the police were KISS fans and just wanted to look at Gene’s vast collection… I wonder if they swiped Gene’s KISS toilet seat for evidence!….


RAVING RUDD…More trouble for Phil Rudd. The former AC/DC drummer was sentenced to eight months in house detention for drug possession and making threats to kill. The 61-year-old star, had initially denied the charges against him but changed his plea in April, admitting he threatened to kill a former employee. And when police questioned him about the incident, they found a stash of marijuana and methamphetamine. And then he recently returned to his house where he was confronted by a cameraman for New Zealand’s 3 News. After being asked a series of questions, Phil appears to run at him, saying, “Get out of my f**king way… get off my property.” He then begins attempting to enter a code to unlock the front gate to his house, and orders a man who appears to be his bodyguard to remove the photographer, saying, “Remove him from my property now or I’ll f**king do it myself.” Rudd then begins violently kicking at the metal gate in front of his home before appearing to launch himself at the snapper. He is wrestled away by his employee and then launches a furious, expletive-ridden tirade at the bodyguard, apparently yelling, “Don’t f**king tell me what to do!”. He then drove off in his sports car and returned once he was able to open the gate. Later footage shows Phil yelling insults at the cameraman from the balcony of his home. Sadly, Phil has not been invited to join AC/DC on their tour of New Zealand and Australia later in 2015…. Poor Phil….I would be upset  too, if I was replaced in AC/DC….


RUNAWAY COULDN’T RUN AWAY…Former RUNAWAY’s member Jackie Fox has accused the group’s late Producer and Manager Kim Fowley of raping her when she was 16.The bassist claims Kim Fowley sexually assaulted her in a motel room on New Year’s Eve, 1975 in front band members Cherie Currie and songwriter Kari Krome who backed up her story. Jackie told The Huffington Post she was forced to take Quaalude’s and was unable to react when Fowley attacked her following a gig in Los Angeles. She claims the shame and torment she felt, led her to attempt suicide during a tour of Japan in 1977. She quit the band shortly afterwards and was replaced by Victory Tischler-Blue. Jackie, now 55, only decided to go public with her rape ordeal after realizing her story could help others. Jackie said she had hoped to confront Fowley years later and tell him she’d never forgive him for what he did to her, but he refused to talk to her. Joan Jett has denied witnessing the event as Jackie describes it, while Cherie has claimed she “spoke up and stormed out of the room” the night of the alleged rape. Cherie also reportedly tried to write about the incident in her 2000 memoir, but Jackie blocked it from being published… Very Sad….Is there anything we wouldn’t really expect from the eccentric Mr. Fowley? Not really….


CAMERA SHY… Glenn Danzig enforces a strict no-picture policy at his DANZIG shows. So when the frontman spotted one fan at a show in Pomona, Ca flouting the rules by snapping away on a cell phone, he took matters into his own hands and waded through the crowd to snatch the mobile from him and toss it to the side of the stage. After the concert, the fan walked up to Danzig, who was standing at the door of the band’s tour bus, and asked him why he didn’t like having his picture taken, before reportedly attempting to board the vehicle with his camera. A scuffle ensued and in video footage obtained by TMZ. The singer can be seen putting the guy in a headlock. The brazen fan has since been identified as Navid Farsi – the same prankster who dumped sugar all over Maroon 5’s Adam Levine outside a Los Angeles TV studio in May….Interesting how Glenn spends all that time pumping up his muscles then saying no one can take any photos of them… Man! All that work in the gym for nothing!…Now let me go on the internet to find that video….


And here’s ROCKWIRE – a batch of news that you might or might NOT want to know!

Another casualty in the drummer world with Rockers Avenged Sevenfold Have Parted Ways With Drummer Arin Ilejay. The rock star has been with the band since 2011, when he replaced the late James Sullivan…and before that was Mike Portnoy… is this SPINAL TAP – or what?!?…

Gwen Stefani has filed for divorce from her 13-year marriage to Gavin Rossdale. Gwen cited ‘irreconcilable differences” in her petition and is asking for joint custody of the couple’s three sons…. All I can think of is how cute those dogs of theirs looked at their wedding years ago…

Pamela Anderson says Tommy Lee was the “Love of her Life” and she is currently being treated with new drugs for her hepititus C virus that she says will completely wipe out the virus… she is also on the hunt for a new man….

Aerosmith Star Tom Hamilton has declared he is finally cancer-free following a long battle with the disease. Yeah Tom – congrats!


FLEA BEES….RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS bassist Flea has taken up beekeeping to help boost the population of honeybees. The bassist had three beehives installed in his backyard at his California home in July.


Veteran British Pop Stars SPANDAU BALLET have cancelled shows as Drummer John Keeble continues to fight a mystery illness….


Guitarist Neil Giraldo has been forced to cancel the remainder of his tour with wife Pat Benatar to recover from recent eye surgery. The guitarist went under the knife on August 9th to correct an unspecified injury to his eye and now needs additional time to heal…

THREE DOORS DOWN Singer Brad Arnold kicked a fan out of a recent show in Colorado  after he spotted him pushing a woman in the audience. The frontman halted the gig in Broomfield and urged security to escort the rowdy fan out of the venue….


Kid Rock continues to hold his ground about using the confederate flag at his shows. Mr. Rock has recently come under fire for using the flag but members of a civil rights group have asked him to stop using the flag. These dopes who have nothing else to do in this “group” also held a protest outside a museum where KR has an exhibit of the star. Kid said he uses as a tribute to LYNYRD SKYNYRD’s song ‘Sweet Home Alabama” and that he has never flown that flag with an “ounce of hate’ in his heart. He also went on to say those opposing his use can ‘kiss his a**’.  This situation with all this flag fiasco and whoever decided it was racist has gotten way out of hand. I am starting to think the people who are protesting getting rid of the flag are more racist than the ones using it. Kid also said; “I believe that we always have to look at substance over symbolism, and I think we have to be honest. If we burned every Confederate flag today, would they stop shooting each other in Chicago?” Right on bro- well said! Kid Rock has told protestors they can ‘kiss his ass’ over the use of the Confederate flag.


Congratulations are in order for Billy Joel who married his girlfriend of six years Alexis Roderick in a surprise July 4th celebration ceremony at Billy’s Long Island estate. The 66 year old music legend and his 34 year old wife’s ceremony was attended by many friends and family including Billy’s ex-wife Christie Brinkley and their daughter Alexa Ray. Perfect timing as the couple welcomed their baby Della Rose Joel into the world August 12th!